About Us

Earth’s Dvine Essentials is a holistic, herbal based wellness company that creates healing products for your entire body, from your crown to your soles. Our vision began with an herb-infused hair oil, which was designed specifically for those with type 4c hair. From there, EDE has created products crafted for the well-being of all. EDE Healing Salve, dubbed "The Healer", was designed for those who may experience aching joints, arthritic pain, inflammation, and other ailments. This product led to the production of our Sweet Sleep Salve, that eases the user into a gentle & peaceful sleep. Our company continues to create healing products for many, seeking to provide ease & relief from the everyday stresses of life.

Our Story

Founder & CEO of Earth’s DVine Essentials, Dianne Whyte, has always had a dream of healing the world. From the age of 8, Dianne frequently experienced enlightening dreams, many of which had come true. Her journey to a greater purpose began after the New York native moved to Boston, MA, then later to Atlanta, GA to build a better life for her daughters Ebony and Jada. Growing up in a Jamaican household, herbal remedies were commonly used for illnesses such as colds, asthma, and everyday life. Dianne discovered a passion in continuing those traditions, and she began by creating an herbal oil that showed great promise in her and her children's hair, but also to extended family, friends and acquaintances. The herbal oil started out as a divine message from God, to becoming a product that had changed the lives of many. This success led Dianne to retire from her job of 13 years in 2020, which launched her into creating other therapeutic and restorative products for the body, fulfilling her childhood aspirations of healing the world.